Avermann office building

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Avermann office building

Alterra Kft.Avermann Hungária Kft.

Budapest, X. district

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The building consists of 22 containers. We could meet the requirements of the Client the best in a way that we built the house by using containers of special dimensions (6 x 3 m, 4,5x 3 m, 4,5 x 2,44 m, 6 x 2,44 m). In this case the internal claddings besides the conventional PVC floor and the laminate were completed with first-class industrial carpet floor and painted fiberglass wallpaper. The heating - cooling system of the house differs considerably from the conventional as well. Mobilbox Ltd. - drawing in a sub-contractor - formed a fan-coil heating - cooling system in the building, which is operated by the Client with the help of a boiler installed next to the building. The ducts of the heating - cooling system and IT cables are covered aesthetically - after cooperating with the manufacturer - in a way that the factory accurately lighted the frame, the floor and the slab at the given locations.

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